Pertronix Ignitor Wiring

Pertronix Ignitor Wiring - Remove the primary ignition lead from the distributor by disconnecting it from the ignition coil. Then, push the lead through the distributor housing. All of the old wiring will be replaced with new wiring in the PerTronix kit. 5. The PerTronix Ignitor, Ignitor II, and Ignitor III arrive with eyelet connectors installed on the wiring.. Chrome 40,000 Volt Coil - Pertronix 40001. Perfect coil to go with the PerTronix Ignitor breaker-less ignition. 40,000 volt Flame-Thrower coil can benefit virtually any distributor type induction system. Higher voltage allows larger spark plug gaps for added. Coil . Be aware that the Pertronix Ignitor is a low-energy system (for use with the stock Datsun points-type coil or equivalent replacement coil such as Bosch GT40R). Many use it with a high-energy coil (like the Nissan Bluebird/Pulsar coils or Bosch HEC), but it is not recommended nor warrantied by Pertronix for use with high-energy coil..

Wiring schematic for 6 volt, Positive Ground, Pertronix Ignitor ( 1188P6 ) Original wiring is from IGN switch (coil term) to (-) term on 6 volt coil. (+) term on 6 volt coil to distributor, to points, which are grounded on one side.. The Ignitor module is a little different in that the electronics require their own power supply. That's why the Ignitor has the red wire connected to coil (+). The black wire on the Ignitor is analogous to the white/black wire used with points.. Morgan Motors sells +4, 4/4 ignition parts from Pertronix, Lucas Mallory, and Vanguard including distributor, tune-up, kit, spark plugs, coils and points..

I wrote an entry on my blog dedicated to the installation of the PerTronix Ignitor electronic ignition conversion for a Ford flathead and thought I'd share on. Electronic ignition only removes tuning up the points/condenser. Otherwise the performance is the same. With the electronic ignition system you replace the points with a sensor (and you usually need a new resistor-less rotor arm too) and the the sensor provides the trigger for the normal coil.. Model B Model A Ford Garage Pertronix Ignitor Distributor Timing Procedures. The following pics show how to properly set the initial timing on the Model B Ford distributor with a Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition..

This is a Pertronix Electronic Ignition kit for a MGB 1976 to 1980, Spitfire 1975 to 1980, Midget 1500 1975 to 1979 and TR7 1975 to 1980 with Lucas Distributor (Not Delco Unit).. Photo number Three. Remove the solid white wire bundle that is on the Negative Coil Terminal (refer to Photo number One) and attach the Black/white stripe wire from the Pertronix Ignitor to the negative coil Terminal. I used a ring clip sized for 18 gauge wire to make this connection. Note that the wire is looped and cable tied.. Ignition - Pertronix Ignitor issues I have been using the Ignitor ignition systems for some 8 years or so, as long as they have available in the UK, and have.

Sep 21, 2012  · To add to basketcase's comments, I _believe_ that the ballast resistor wire is the ONLY electrical path to the coil when cranking with the ignition switch. When I put in a Pertronix ignitor and FlameThrower coil, I bypassed the ballast resistor, because the. PerTronix manufactures a complete solid state electronic ignition system – The Ignitor – that uses your original stock Corvette distributor. It has no complicated wiring or any black boxes. As a matter of fact, the whole system fits completely under your Corvette’s original distributor cap, allowing you to maintain your Corvette’s.